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Here’s all the Alexa commands you can use

Amazon’s digital voice assistant Alexa powers more than 150 different products from Echo devices, to headphones and PCs, to cars and smart home devices. The digital voice assistant can tend to tasks such as ordering goods, finding information, playing music, mapping routes, or reading email. Here is a complete list of Alexa command you can give your Amazon Echo smart speaker: Basic commands Ask for help: Alexa allows you to ask questions and make requests using just your voice, simply call out "Alexa, help." You can ask the voice assistant to mute or unmute, stop and pause and even ask it to turn the volume up or down reports Cnet. Coronavirus commands Alexa can answer your coronavirus-related queries such as "Alexa, what is the coronavirus?" or get an update of the current situation by asking "Alexa, what's the latest with the coronavirus?”. You can ask the voice assistant to help you wash your hand for 20 seconds by saying "Alexa, help me wash my hands." Echo Show The Echo Show and Echo Spot are the only Echo speakers with touchscreen displays therefore, you can tell them to show you things by saying "Alexa, what can you show me?" Amazon takes on Netflix in India with cheaper mobile-only Prime Video plan Alexa can show your calendar, photos, movie trailers, weekend forecasts, recipes from different websites, videos from YouTube, timers you have set up and it can also view the camera in other rooms. Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Alexa comes equipped with Amazon’s Fire Tablets, Fire TV, and even third-party gadgets from Bose and Samsung. You can control Fire TV functions such as asking Alexa to turn on and off the TV, pause, play, resume, rewind and fast forward. Alexa can also find movies by an actor of your choice, change channels, and open apps on Fire TV. Media controls One of the most remarkable features of Alexa is its ability to cater to your music needs. The voice assistant can play your favorite track, turn on music in any room you wish, the artist you want to listen and it can even adjust audio settings: "Alexa, set the bass to four." Alexa is also programmed to play music according to a theme for example “Alexa, play rock music for a party.” Amazon India's unit gets $308 million in fresh funds from parent It can also play music from different radio stations and Spotify music. Further, Alexa can read your Kindle book and can also set a sleep timer for example "Alexa, stop playing in 45 minutes." The digital voice assistant can also add music to your Prime Music library and create a new playlist. You can also ask for song information: "Alexa, what's playing?" or restart a song: "Alexa, restart." Time and date Alexa can help if you have a hard time waking up or being organised for the day. You can set an alarm, timer, and music timer, name a specific timer, check your holidays. Purchasing With your help of Alexa can make your shopping experience seamless. You can reorder your favorite products by simply commanding "Alexa, buy more shampoo" or "Alexa, reorder shampoo." You can also track your packages and add items to your cart: "Alexa, add garbage bags to my cart." Further, you can purchase music you like and ask the voice assistant about deals: "Alexa, what are your deals?" Alexa also makes product recommendations for example “Alexa, find me a good tablet on Amazon,” it will find it along with customer ratings and reviews. Notifications You can get notified when you have new notifications, simply turn on the notifications in the app settings. Your Echo speakers will turn yellow when you have new notifications. You can also ask Alexa to navigate notifications, delete them and even check missed notifications: "Alexa, what did I miss?" "Alexa, read my notifications" or "Alexa, what are my notifications?" To-do and shopping lists You can create a to-do list, grocery list: "Alexa, add eggs to my shopping list." Alexa can also remind you to make a doctor’s appointment. You can also schedule even set events on the calendar and later change them if you wish to do so by simply calling out: "Alexa, move my lunch from 1 to 2 pm." Alexa can also make donations to your favorite charity and even check your bank balance. News and weather Check the weather of the day: "Alexa, will it rain today?", if there is traffic on the road, and important news before heading out for work or to run errands. Ask for your Flash Briefing: "Alexa, what's my Flash Briefing?" Calls and messaging You can make calls and leave voicemails to other Echo users. If you use Android, you can send messages with Alexa. The voice assistant helps you pick your incoming call, end the call, play messages, and even send SMS to contact names. Alexa can assist with phone number information and even make announcements such as dinner is ready or it is time to go out. Smart home Alexa is also programmed to integrate with other smart home appliances and platforms such as SmartThings, Philips Hue, Wink, Insteon, Lutron, Belkin WeMo, and many more. Alexa can turn lights off and on in different rooms you can even dim lights according to your preference: "Alexa, dim the lights to 50 percent" or change the color of the lights. Moreover, you can fix the temperature of the room, lock doors and discover your devices with the help of Alexa. General questions Whether it’s a math problem you need help with or want to know the spelling of a word, Alexa can easily help you. You can even use Alexa as an alternative for dice or to pick a random number. Alexa can even flip a coin to get heads or tails: "Alexa flip a coin."

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