Friday, 23 April 2021

Pakistani Twitter rallies for India as Covid-19 situation becomes worse

#IndiaNeedsOxygen trends on Twitter in Pakistan as citizens request PM Imran Khan to aid India who is facing a shortage of oxygen cylinders as covid-19 cases spike in the region. #IndiaNeedsOxygen is trending in Pakistan where many people across the border are asking Pak PM @ImranKhanPTI to help India with oxygen supply.#COVID19 #Coronavirus #CoronavirusPandemic #SecondCOVIDWave — Geeta Mohan گیتا موہن गीता मोहन (@Geeta_Mohan) April 23, 2021 India reported the world's highest daily tally of coronavirus infections for a second day on Friday, surpassing 330,000 new cases, as it struggles with a health system overwhelmed by patients and plagued by accidents. In response, people are bypassing the conventional lines of communication and turning to Twitter to crowdsource help for oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, and other requirements. Pakistani citizens also rallied for their neighbours and called on the PM to alleviate the situation in India. Prayers and compassionate messages continue to pour in:  Getting up in morning & hoping may the situation in India be better than yesterday but by watching NEWS one comes to know that unfortunately it is getting more painful there. May the misery end in India & whole world & may we see a normal, healthy globe, Aameen! #IndiaNeedsOxygen — Muhammad Imran 🇵🇰 (@meritweeeets) April 23, 2021 I join thousands of Pakistani citizens calling on the government to help India with oxygen supplies as their hospitals run out @ImranKhanPTI @fslsltn Heartening to see #IndiaNeedsOxygen #IndianLivesMatter trend at top in Pakistan. Shows that people have hearts in the right place — Usama Khilji (@UsamaKhilji) April 22, 2021 Get well soon india. Pakistani nation is with you. Together we can defeat Covid #IndiaNeedsOxygen #COVIDEmergency2021 — Syed Muhammad Tayab (@SyedMuh05723187) April 22, 2021 Looking at India having a good health system than ours still it's health system collapsed!This covid 19 strain is deadly Pakistan should impose a sudden lockdown! We won't be able to bear any sort of oxygen shortage or increased patients in hospitals! @Asad_Umar #IndiaNeedsOxygen — Tooba Jamali (@foveacentralis_) April 23, 2021 Heart Breaking reality beyond the borders " Humans are Dying"#IndiaNeedsOxygen#indiacovid — Rozina Khan (@RozinaKhan1212) April 22, 2021 I request our government to extend the hands to help people of India in this difficult time. Put our political differences aside.#IndiaNeedsOxygen #IndianLivesMatter — Toramycin (@ihamza_mtq) April 23, 2021 Humanity above all. No one deserves to suffer.#WeCantBreathe #IndiaNeedsOxygen #CovidIndia — Wajahat Kazmi 🇵🇰 (@KazmiWajahat) April 23, 2021 #IndiaNeedsOxygen It was heartbreaking to hear of the current Corona situation in #IndiaNeedsOxygen. No matter how many differences we have, we are all one for humanity and we pray to ALLAH to have mercy on all the people living in India.#WeCantBreathe — Shahid Bhatti🇵🇰 (@MalangChokra) April 23, 2021   India runs out of worst oxygen shortage, due to alarming increase in COVID-19 cases. In the pic below this is not a galaxy....these are the ashes of bodies died due to this pandemic.😢 may allah subhanahu wa ta'ala protect us. #IndiaNeedsOxygen — Muraad Baloch (@HarmanBaloch) April 23, 2021 Top trend in Pakistan #IndiaNeedsOxygen . This is what humanity is. May Allah grant mercy in India. Ameen 🇵🇰 ♥️ 🇮🇳 — Ehشام Fida 🇵🇰 (@eh_sham_fida_) April 22, 2021 These mere borders can't decrease our pain for the humanity, Yes, this is Islam, this is Pakistan. May Allah Almighty bless all the Indian people with speedy recovery. #IndiaNeedsOxygen #lockdown #WeCantBreathe — Ammar Hashmi (@kehdayhashmi) April 23, 2021   Faisal Edhi, son of celebrated philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi and chairman of the foundation also offered help to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Edhi Foundation Pakistan writes to Indian PM @narendramodi offering humanitarian assistance of 50 fully equipped ambulances along with staff as India’s health services capacity chokes due to rising COVID-19 cases.#IndiaNeedsOxygen #IndianLivesMatter — Usama Khilji (@UsamaKhilji) April 23, 2021 The situation continues to get worse in India as deaths in the past 24 hours also jumped to a record 2,263, the health ministry said, while officials across northern and western India, including the capital, New Delhi, warn most hospitals are full and running out of oxygen.

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