Wednesday, 8 September 2021

BMW launches electric mini-bike for beginners

BMW has launched a new electric bike with a futuristic design that will allow its drivers to go at top speed of 90km/h in a single battery charge, The Verge reports. The CE-02 mini-bike was debuted recently by BMW Motorrad division in Germany, in the IAA Mobility conference. The silver and black design of the motor-bike, with “technoid typography”. The bike has 11kW belt-drive motor will help it reach the speed of 90km/h. The company hasn’t shared the battery capacity of the vehicle but has claimed that it can go to 90km on full charge. The BMW vehicle has no pedal but footrests, which looks like a skateboard attached to the underside of the bike. With a circular LED headlight and a small display for speed and battery status, this electric bike seems to be fantastic but will only win success of BMW decides to make it. The company has announced that the entire package will weigh 120 kilograms (265 pounds), including its 15-inch front and rear disc brake. BMW’s Motorrad division had been working on a futuristic vehicle concept for quite some years, but hasn’t announced yet, when this vehicle will go into manufacture. Its last concept CE 04 electric scooter was described as something “straight of an anime” by Engadget, which could go up to a top speed of 75mph. The vehicle would become available in 2022 for $16,000.

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