Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Instagram to add live moderators

Instagram has recently been releasing quite a few updates and just this week, Alessandro Paluzzi, reverse engineer of the app, announced that now users can add moderators to live videos. In a recent tweet, he stated that users will only be able to add one moderator to a live video, unlike Twitter Spaces, which allows two moderators to be added. The feature has not yet been released but Instagram is working hard to make this attractive and convenient for all content creators on the app. Paluzzi has also revealed the 'likes' feature, similar to that of Facebook, except hitting 'like' is available for Stories as well. Just like users will be able to see the number of views on their Stories, they can also see the number of 'likes' they've received from followers. The Instagram engineer also shared a picture of how the 'likes' will appear on the app, once the feature is released to the public. The new features, noted by 9to5Mac, though unofficially announced by Paluzzi, haven't been confirmed by Instagram, and there is no information on when or whether they will be introduced.

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